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Privacy Policy

  1. Participants login by free choice of alias, we advise participants not to give their real name into the visiting card.
  2. EdenCity does not collect any information that the user has not entered into the program itself.
  3. The data entered by users are solely for the use of the program, i.e. to present oneself to other participants.
  4. Previously entered data can be updated, changed or deleted at any time by participants.
  5. EdenCity only stores data from inhabitants (Business / Friends). Data that is entered by guests will only be stored for the duration of their visit.
  6. The aliases and the associated profile information from inhabitants will be protected by a password of their choice, whose strength is determined by the user.
  7. EdenCity does not store any movement data from participants. Only the localization, that allows participants to show their origin in the visiting card, raises the current location on demand.
  8. Phone data such as contact list, and the like will nether accessed nor processed by EdenCity.
  9. User information will not be passed to third parties.
  10. EdenCity reserves the right to change the privacy policy, in this case EdenCity will inform participants about the changes in advance.

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