With the usage of the offer of our website or iOS/Android APP you acknowledge the following conditions of participation.



1.1 Edencity AG, Zurich/Switzerland only provides the communication platform with 'EdenCity'.

1.2 Everybody that has completed the 18th year of life is authorized to participate. By registering, the participant confirms that his/her data is correct. Edencity reserves the right to link the participation in general or he usage of single service to the correctness of the stated data. Every participant is obligated to make complete and true statements and to declare modifications of his/her data immediately. Edencity reserves the right to temporarily or permanently ban single participants at its own discretion, there is no obligation to reimburse already paid amounts. In such cases, the data of this participant is permanently excluded from participation.


2.1 Articles by participants (= all content produced and uploaded by participants; this includes messages, forum articles, newspaper articles, name cards, chat messages, newsletters, data in the profile and uploaded or shared pictures) may not include any illegal actions or prompt to do so. Insulting, threatening, pornographic, obscene and discriminating articles are prohibited and are removed immediately, as soon as the provider becomes aware of them. Edencity has no obligation to review the articles and data. No commercial articles may be uploaded without prior consent by Edencity, especially no advertisement for goods or services.

2.2 The participant shall choose a pseudonym that is comprehensible . also for all other participants, incomprehensible pseudonyms or articles for example in other languages (except English) are not admissible.

2.3 Articles that violate copyrights or other protective rights of third parties within or outside of the country are also inadmissible. This is also specifically applicable for the participation in public forums and regarding the profile images of the participant. Stating real names resp. personal data of the participating users in Edencity is strictly prohibited.

2.4 Edencity reserves the rights to delete participant articles at own discretion, especially if they violate rules under clauses 2.1 and 2.2. However, there is no legal obligation.


3.1 The website and all text articles, graphics, image elements, logos and sounds appearing on the website or subfiles are intellectual property of Edencity AG and therefore protected by copyright. Downloading and other usage of such materials is only admissible insofar Edencity AG explicitly allows this; usage is allowed only for private purposes. Participants may not reproduce, publish, recreate, transfer, distribute or commercially use the copyrighted material of Edencity AG, neither in conventional ways nor electronic form.

3.2 The participant transfers an irrevocable and unlimited right to usehis/her user articles in the framework of the business purpose of EdencityAG with the participation in the exchange of information enabled on the ebsite, specifically the right to reproduce, publish, process and save, as well as publish in electronic media and databases.

3.3 The software surrendered to the user in form of the website, the iOS App and the download version of Edencity is property of Edencity AG protected by copyright. The software may not be copied, modified, decompiled to its original source code or manipulated. Edencity AG reserves the right to enforce legal actions on the attempt.


4.1 Edencity AG assumes no liability for articles uploaded by participants (= all contents produced and uploaded by participants; this includes messages, forum articles, newspaper articles, name cards, chat messages, newsletters, data in the profile and uploaded or shared images). Every participant agrees to hold Edencity AG free of all claims that third parties enforce within or outside of the country due to participant articles. The above stated exemptions apply to, but not exclusively to claims that third parties enforce due to the violation of copyrights or comparable rights, due to the violation of regulations regarding competition laws as well asoffensive or otherwise illegal content. The obligation for exemption includes the assumption of adequate costs for legal consultation that are billed to Edencity AG.

4.2 Edencity AG does not assume and liability for the availability of the website or for the timely and complete transfer of user articles in the framework of the offered exchange of information. A liability of Edencity AG also excluded for the technical usability of user articles, especially the safety (free of viruses) of transferred data.

4.3 No liability is given by Edencity AG for websites that are referenced to by links. Edencity AG expressly distances itself from this content.

4.4 In every case the liability of Edencity AG is limited to intention and gross negligence. In spite of the regulation in clauses 4.1 to 4.2 the liability of Edencity AG for data loss is limited to the typical retrieval expense that would have occurred in case of regular production of safety copies according to the risk.

4.5 Damage compensation claims against Edencity AG of any type are excluded, except for legally mandatory liability for intention or gross negligence.

4.6 The respective provider is responsible for interference in the communication network.


5.1 The participant gives his agreement that Edencity AG saves the data he transferred, also in machine-readable form. These data are only processed and saved by Edencity AG for the purpose of usage of the website (irregular newsletter mailings for example) as well as inquiries by Internet users. Beyond that Edencity AG collects demographic data about the usage of their websites that are saved in anonymous form, but do not allow conclusions about an individual person. Edencity AG is not obligated to delete data of participants immediately regarding concluded contracts, but is authorized to keep this data on record.

5.2 The participant gives his consent to the regulations in 5.1 by logging into the system. The participant may terminate his membership at any time, by having his resident pseudonym deleted with an email to info@edencity.de. The data in the profile remain saved in the system for some time to prevent misuse and confusion.


6.1 Prize games offered by EdenCity are solely skill games, as they are decided primarily affected by the mental or physical skills of participants.

6.2 By participating in the prize game or tournament the player also irrevocably assigns Edencity to deduct the amount specified at the start of the game and any fees from the player account and to deduct the fees, and to disburse winnings to the respective player(s), or to accept the net profit from the player(s), respectively, and credit it to the player account. The bid is due upon participating in a prize game or tournament, respectively. The bid amount varies and is indicated to the member prior to participating in a prize game or tournament, respectively. The bid is deducted from the member account at the start of the prize game or tournament. If no credit is available or in the case of insufficient funds, the member will be unable to participate in prize games or tournaments.

6.3 The respective starting bid is credited to the winner minus the fees indicated in the program, in the event of a draw it is split between the winners.

6.4 If a player quits before the end of the game or is irreversibly disconnected due to technical problems his/her bid is split between the other players. The player is further charged a fine of 1 Credit for disrupting the game.

6.5 Back postings or claims for damages excluded. Prize winnings are not paid out but are credited for use in the various program offered by Edencity.


7.1 The usage of the website is subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes is Zurich/Switzerland. Edencity AG is authorized to file lawsuits at the general place of jurisdiction of the participant.

7.2 Edencity AG reserves the right to modify these conditions for participation to a reasonable extent. The currently applicable conditions for participation can be viewed anytime on the website.

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